Posted by: blogengeezer | July 13, 2007

Mid Cretaceous (100 Mil yrs ago) looking North from Albuquerque New Mexicos East Mountain area, Santa Fe on horizon

 Check Blogengeezer’s home blog over at    ‘Global Warming’ is a fact. A large percentage of world scientists, totally agree that it’s getting warm and that it’s most likely going to get warmer. For a few Historical references how this Earth handled things in the past, also check out  (Cool Earth) and  of course  (Warm Earth)

Example; I love to throw in a few ‘Galactic Spin’ variables to make people do some research. Everybody is in panic mode over the Climate change with 0.6 C temperature change. How about just a few thousand years back (A wink in Earths History) when it changed up to 6 C within about ten years. Now wouldn’t that cause the Media to come totally ‘Nano-molecular’. (lots of little bitty pieces)

 That’s what this life is for isn’t it? Get to know all you can before you leave it, to learn the full meaning later. ‘Socrates’ taught ‘Plato’ who taught ‘Aristotle’ who taught ‘Alexander the Great’. Then ‘Aristotle’ left the ‘Lyceum’ school to ‘Theophrastus’. Once Ol ‘Rastus’ got a’holt of it, the whole history of mankind was on track to become ‘Rednecks’. Now see, You learn’t sump’tin a’wredy. Come back again for more words of wisdom. Be sure to leave some of your own. I don’t take kindly to the words that indicate a lower IQ than the ‘Marianas Trench’. I’ll just delete ’em along with your real intelligent stuff, so there.


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