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Global Warming, like this?

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    If I understand the ‘Newthink’, the beautiful, fascinating Wind turbines, 

 the well known solar collectors.

Never forget the massive Generators

powered by Coal, Gas, Oil and Mega-Hydro electric Dams, used to generate over 95% of the US electrical power applied to our fantastic, beautifully engineered power grid, The Batteries to store the power in emergencies, to retain the memory of the brilliantly engineered ‘Silicon’

based processors that control all of these marvels, Let alone the massive amounts of Silicon used in Solar Panels, are all somehow just brought into existance with out expending any fossil fueled or Hydro-electric power?

   How does the copper for wire wound armatures, get converted to wire? Let alone get refined from the suposedly evil earth mining process?

Iron for the armature core? Steel for the millions of precision bearings that allow the high tensile shafts to spin in the slightest breeze. Scientists, Chemists and Engineers understand the mining and machining processes for each of these modern Scientific wonders to materialize. Each single 75 foot long precision machined and precisely balanced blade for the massive wind turbines, made from hi-tensile alloys, just magically happen?

   The transportation of these components and raw materials is done by what force? Do you have even the slightest idea what it takes to build a Modern Tractor and the machinery to farm the corn, let alone the energy and technology to convert it to ethanol?

To say nothing of the unappreciated, bountiful, safe and econonomical food supply that we in the USA take for granted. Engineers, of which, we in the USA are in short supply, understand each of these processes extremely well, where the consuming, and always critical public has absolutely no idea how the infrastructure of society functions.

The, taken for granted in the USA, safe water supply treated with an amazing chemical, ‘Chlorine’ produced by a modern, high technology, refinery designed by Engineers, has produced the ability to turn on a tap in your home and drink the water that flows from it. Try that in most countries of the world. I will only mention the Sewage treatment and disposal for 300 million citizens. Believe me, all of this takes massive amounts of energy, and Mega Hydro, Coal, and even the ‘Media’ dreaded, ‘Thermo Nuclear’ (power of the sun) has ‘economy of scale’ to prove it’s value. Understand that all of this water and sewage has to be pumped through an amazing infrastructure that was designed by the dedicated Engineers in our society.

 Unless you and everyone else in the USA are absolutely ready to cut your electrical indulgence by over 95%, check out this information.

Stay in school, forego the courses in ‘Humanities specialist’, we have as a costly parasitic drag, far more of them than neccessary. The fastest growing economies in the world, India and China, are NOT graduating thousands of  Lawyers per year. Study the ‘Hard Sciences’, Math, Chemistry, Engineering, then go to work and improve our society.

Be a real climatologist like this    Watch the entire 5 part series.         The future needs you.



  1. Thank you for this perspective…that has been moved to

    It seams like the GW phenomena came from nowhere and now it is consuming the mainstream media and many industries, even design.

    It is so frustrating to see so many resources and capital diverged in the name of GW with so much to do in other areas especially in sustainable design.

    I will use this info to further my case against the myopic views and actions spurred by the commercialization of GW expressed on this entry

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