Posted by: blogengeezer | November 24, 2009

Marine in Afghanistan


I just received this from Danny and I wanted to share. To some it will
mean more than to others. Read it if you want, or not. I am so proud
of him. I know we are all proud of our Marines.
Sharon…… Houston Marine Mom’s Organization

War and why I chose to be here..
This is the best example of war that I can give you.
It will give you some idea by Listening to the song
” Til The Last Shots Fired”
by Trace Adkins.

This song hit me like a ton of bricks, and it describes how
I feel almost every day out here. Hopeless and lost but with a sense
of purpose and a desire to give all that I have, to the freedom of my
family and friends.

I’m sitting at my job, listening to this song, and in the distance I can
hear the faint explosions of a fire fight. I can hear rifles firing
and grenades exploding. I am filled with a sense of pride that I
doubt I will ever feel when I’m not in this truly God forsaken country.
A country where the future is unpredictable and completely unknown.

All we have over here is the Faith that God is going to take us to where we
belong, no matter what happens to us. I pray everyday. Not for me or
my safety, but for  the strength to fight with Courage and Honor, no matter
what comes my way, and for the safety and strength of my friends,
including all of my family back home.

You see even though I am over here, the reason that I
Am over here, is for everyone of you. To keep you safe and protect
you, no matter what it demands from me. Just remember that when and if
any of you think that I don’t love each and every one of you with
all my heart, I am over here sacrificing and suffering for your
safety.  I couldn’t stand by and let anything bad happen to any of y’all.

Thank you so much for all of your support and prayers for me. You
have made everything that I have done in my life possible. There
is no way that I could have ever done it with out every single one
of you.

For the next 6 months, and the foreseeable future, I will
be here waiting and watching, ready for anything to come your way.
You can bet that when the sun goes down at your house every night,
that I am wide awake over here, standing guard for all of you.

LCPL Ferguson Jr., Jack D.
CLR-2 S-4
Ammunition & Explosive Ordinance Technician
Camp Leatherneck
Helmand Province, Afghanistan


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